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Galaxidion propose depuis plus de trois ans, un service complet aux libraires et aux bibliophiles. En continuité avec la tradition de la vente sur catalogue, vous êtes au c?ur de l'Internet bibliophile, sur un des premiers sites français, structuré, référencé et reconnu par sa qualité.

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

Collection Summary Creator: Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864 Title: Papers of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft 1788-1941 (bulk 1820-1856) Size: 25,000 items; 90 containers plus 1 oversize; 28 linear feet; 69 microfilm reels Repository: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress Abstract: Author, ethnologist, explorer, geologist, glass manufacturer, and Indian agent. Correspondence, journals, articles, books, manuscripts of magazines, poetry, speeches, government reports, Indian vocabularies, maps, drawings, and other papers reflecting Schoolcraft's career as a glass manufacturer, mineralogist on an exploring expedition in the Ozark Mountains, geologist on the Cass expedition to the Northwest Territory, leader of expeditions throughout the Great Lakes region, member of Michigan's legislative council, Indian agent, superintendent of Indian affairs for Michigan, ethnologist, and author of works concerning the Iroquois of New York state and other Indians of North America.

TennesseeBob's Famous French Links

TennesseeBob's Famous French Links rassemble depuis 1995 une vaste webliothèque des ressources francophones liées. Pour la plupart, les soixante-dix-neuf pages du site qui sont sur nos serveurs forment des carrefours de voies documentaires. Nos sites carrefour mènent à des millions de pages de textes littéraires, des centaines de cours et leçons complètes en langue française, des dictionnaires, et des milliards d'activités de grammaire. Je laisse aux autres le soin d'en faire de belles petites bibliothèques savantes et des sites à but unique.

The Aberdeen Bestiary

The Aberdeen Bestiary (Aberdeen University Library MS 24) is considered to be one of the best examples of its type. The manuscript, written and illuminated in England around 1200, is of added interest since it contains notes, sketches and other evidence of the way it was designed and executed.

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University Digital facsimiles of complete manuscripts, scanned directly from the originals

Pendragon Press

"With over 250 titles in print, Pendragon Press is a leader in the publication of musicological research, reference works, and studies of many aspects of musical life. With 27 series, ranging from Aesthetics to the history of theory, to vocal music, we have been servicing the musicological community for over 30 years, and, with the help of our friends, hope to continue for another 30. "

19th Century Schoolbooks

19th Century Schoolbooks"The Nietz Old Textbook Collection is one of several well-known collections of 19th Century schoolbooks in the United States. Among the 16,000 volumes are many titles that are rarely held and have not yet been reproduced in microform collections or reprint editions. The collection is used by Pitt faculty and students as well as visiting scholars from other colleges and universities. The ULS received two U.S. Higher Education Act Title IIC grants (1985-1987) to catalog the original collection."

New Listings—Online Books Page

“This page lists the titles of on-line books that have recently been added to our index, or whose entries have been recently revised. For a full list of available books, try the main on-line books page.

Elizabeth Nesbit Room Chapbook Collection at the University of Pittsburgh

“The Elizabeth Nesbitt Room is located in the Information Sciences Library at the University of Pittsburgh and houses several special collections related to the history of children and their books and media. The volumes in this collection include more than 12,000 books and magazine titles of interest dating from the 1600's through today.”

Caxton‘s Chaucer at the British Library

“On this site you will find William Caxton’s two editions of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, probably printed in 1476 and 1483. The originals are both in the British Library.”
Another interface at De Montfort University edited by Barbara Bordalejo, Canterbury Tales Project.
Other links to Chaucer.

An excellent report by Maureen Mulvihill of the auction of rare books and manuscripts from the estate of Paula Peyraud

The Paula Peyraud Collection: Samuel Johnson & Women Writers in Georgian Society. An Auction Report by Maureen E. Mulvihill as published in Eighteenth-Century Studies, Fall 2009, with 8 images and a list of selected buyers, prices & new locations of the Peyraud properties.
A pdf of the published report may be downloaded here: http://www.ilab.org/download.php?object=documentation&id=81
Bloomsbury Auctions: The Paul Peyraud Collection, Wednesday, 6 May 2009 Bookplate from Peyraud copy of Frances Burney’s <i>Cecilia</i>
‘DARK LADY’ OF RARE BOOK COLLECTORS, PAULA FENTRESS PEYRAUD (CHAPPAQUA, NY, 1947 ~ 2008). Peyraud Collection Auction, May 2009, Bloomsbury Auctions N.Y. 483 Lots (books, manuscripts, images). Sales total: $1.6 million, including premium. Photograph, Margie Van Dyke. Bookplate from Peyraud copy of Frances Burney’s Cecilia, (lot 218, buyer McGill University). Bookplate bears inscribed initials (“FCP - EKP”), being the collector’s grandparents Frank C. Peyraud & Elizabeth Krysler Peyraud, both visual artists (see “Peyraud,” Benezit, vol. 10, 2006 edition).

The Danish National Digital Sheet Music Archive

digital facsimiles of printed and manuscript music. Selected works from the Music Collections are being re-published in digital form in order to provide internet access to the collections of the Royal Library. Both manuscripts and printed music have been included: some are published expressly for printing, others are primarily intended for study. Most of the digitized scores can be seached and browsed in REX, while other materials are grouped in special databases and according to subjects. Questions about the digital music collection may be directed to:

Thumbprints of Ephelia

Thumbprints of Ephelia (Lady Mary Villiers): The End of an Enigma in Restoration Attribution. Text, Image, Sound. With a first ‘Key’ to ‘Female Poems . . . by Ephelia’ (1679). by Maureen E. Mulvihill (Princeton Research Forum, Princeton, N.J.); Hosted by ReSoundings (Millersville University, Pa.; 2001, with annual updates).

Mary Villiers, Duchess of Richmond

Lady Mary Villiers, when as Mary, Lady Stuart, Duchess of Richmond & Lennox, with her dwarf, Anne Shepherd Gibson. By Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Court Painter for Charles I. London, circa 1636. Mulvihill reads this famous gloves-and-dwarf portrait of Duchess Mary as ingeniously encoded text for the Duchess’s sly method of manuscript transmission.

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HAIL, happy shades! though clad with heavy snows, 
At sight of you with joy my bosom glows; 
Ye arching pines, that bow with every breeze, 
Ye poplars, elms, all hail! my well-known trees! 
And now my peaceful mansion strikes my eye, 
And now the tinkling rivulet I spy; 
My little garden, Flora, hast thou kept, 
And watch'd my pinks and lilies, while I wept? 
Or has the grubbing swine, by furies led, 
The enclosure broke, and on my flowrets fed? 
Ah me! that spot with blooms so lately grac'd, 
With storms and driving snows, is now defaced; 
Sharp icicles from every bush depend, 
And frosts all dazzling o'er the beds extend: 
Yet soon fair spring shall give another scene, 
And yellow cowslips gild the level green; 
My little orchard sprouting at each bough, 
Fragrant with clustering blossoms deep shall glow: 
Ah! then 't is sweet the tufted grass to tread, 
But sweeter slumbering is the balmy shade; 
The rapid humming-bird, with ruby breast, 
Seeks the parterre with early blue-bells drest, 
Drinks deep the honeysuckle dew, or drives 
The labouring bee to her domestic hives: 
Then shines the lupine bright with morning gems, 
And sleepy poppies nod upon their stems; 
The humble violet, and the dulcet rose, 
The stately lily then, and tulip blows.

      Farewell, my Plutarch! farewell, pen and muse! 
Nature exults —shall I her call refuse? 
Apollo fervid glitters in my face, 
And threatens with his beam each feeble grace: 
Yet still around the lovely plants I toil, 
And draw obnoxious herbage from the soil; 
Or with the lime-twigs little birds surprise; 
Or angle for the trout of many dyes.

     But when the vernal breezes pass away, 
And loftier Phoebus darts a fiercer ray, 
The spiky corn then rattles all around, 
And dashing cascades give a pleasing sound; 
Shrill sings the locust with prolonged note, 
The cricket chirps familiar in each cot. 
The village children, rambling o'er yon hill, 
With berries all their painted baskets fill. 
They rob the squirrel's little walnut store, 
And climb the half-exhausted tree for more; 
Or else to fields of maze nocturnal hie, 
Where hid, the elusive water-melons lie; 
Sportive, they make incisions in the rind, 
The riper from the immature to find; 
Then load their tender shoulders with the prey, 
And laughing, bear the bulky fruit away.
Ann Eliza Bleecker [1752-1783]