The American Language Reprint Series

The American Language Reprint (ALR) series aims to compile the various word-lists, vocabularies and phrase books which were collected in the early years of North American settlement. The series begins with the languages and dialects of the Eastern Woodlands, with a primary emphasis on the Eastern Algonquian and Iroquoian families. We hope to progressively extend the geographical scope of the project to form a comprehensive linguistic record of native North America prior to the advent of modern linguistics.

The Vale of Spirits

In deep green woods there lies a fairy glade, 
Shut in by tawny hemlocks wild and tall; 
Its floor is made with richest moss, and all 
Its round is steeped in most delicious shade. 
It is a spot for listening silence made. 
Few sounds awake it save the wild bird’s call, 
And winds that murmur round its forest wall, 
like instruments at airy distance played. 

’Tis there a still and stolen guest I lie, 

And listen to the weird wood-spirits singing: 
I hear their bell-like voices floating nigh, 
From arches green and dewy dingles springing; 
They pass in elfin song and laughter by— 
I hear their clear ha! ha! In deep dells ringing.  
O. C. Auringer (Obadiah Cyrus Auringer), [1849-1937]