Eochaid had appeared at every gathering, and had
 been acclaimed and adored. But after some time, 
when, with Etain, he had crowned the Victors of 
the Games, and grew weary of the throng, he 
would go to the great flat roof of his palace, that 
was thatched or carpeted through its entirety with 
birds’ wings—the rook, the heron , the eagle, the 
gull, the swan—there was no bird but a dozen of 
his wings were there, a marvellous mosaic and 
incrustation of shade and shape and colour. From 
thence he could see in every direction, thirty miles 
in the round; and he cold examine from the height 
all that was astir, and the Fair, rich with streamers, 
with chariots, and with mettled horses. 
James Stephens—In the Land of Youth.