"Woman, the New Factor in Economics." by Rev. Augusta Cooper Bristol. from The Congress of Women: Held in the Woman's Building, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, U. S. A., 1893.. Chicago, ILL: Monarch Book Company, 1894. pp. pp. 80-86. at The Celebration of Women Writers, University of Pennsylvania Digital Library

"Rev. Augusta Cooper Bristol is a native of New Hampshire. She was born April 17,1835. Her parents were Otis Cooper and Hannah (Powers) Cooper. In 1866 she married Louis Bristol, a lawyer of Connecticut. She is a woman of big brain, well stored with valuable information, and one of the most graceful and profound writers and speakers of the present day. Her principal literary works are a volume of poems and various published lectures, some of which have been translated into French. She is a member of no special church at present, but in faith is Unitarian, and not infrequently speaks from the pulpit. Her postoffice address is Vineland, N. Y." Augusta Bristol [1835-1910]


Skirts of sunny-sifted showers! 
There the wild bee, 
How privileged he, 
Childe of the yellow belt and bands of jet, 
Sucking the nipples of the maiden flowers, 
All honey-wet! 
Drops and darkness eastward borne, 
Glancingly go; 
Thereon the Bow 
Stands in the sea: from out the greening brine, 
The white gull twinkles in the violet horn, 
Bended divine. 
Beauties of a summer day, 
How soon ye die! 
“Nay, through Man’s eye 
Glad soul we grow; in soul translated on, 
We take our place, and live in praise for aye, 
Round the White Throne.”
Thomas Aird [1802–1876]