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The EServer (founded in 1990 at Carnegie Mellon as the English Server), attempts to provide an alternative niche for quality work, particularly writings in the arts and humanities. Now based at Iowa State University, we offer fifty collections on such diverse topics as art, architecture, race, Internet studies, sexuality, drama, design, multimedia, and current social issues. In addition to short and longer written works, we publish hypertext and streaming audio and video recordings. Our collections grow as increased membership has new works to publish with us, and as we teach new members how to publish works to the Web and to the more than two million readers who visit our site per month. According to Alexa, this makes us the most popular arts and humanities website in the world.


FLUSH with the pond the lurid furnace burn’d
At eve, while smoke and vapour fill’d the yard;
The gloomy winter sky was dimly starr’d,
The fly-wheel with a mellow murmur turn’d;
While, ever rising on its mystic stair
In the dim light, from secret chambers borne,
The straw of harvest, sever’d from the corn,
Climb’d, and fell over, in the murky air.
I thought of mind and matter, will and law,
And then of him, who set his stately seal
Of Roman words on all the forms he saw
Of old-world husbandry: I could but feel
With what a rich precision he would draw
The endless ladder, and the booming wheel!
Charles [Tennyson] Turner [1808-1879]