Léonie Adams

Léonie Adams at The Academy of American Poets.

Selected Works of Annie Adams Fields

This site is dedicated to reprinting the works of Annie Adams Fields in accessible annotated editions. It was begun as a "spin-off" from the Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project.—by Terry Heller Coe College

At Lincoln

WHEN I went up the minster tower,
The minster clock rang out the hour;
    The restless organ far below
    Sent tides of music to and fro,
    That rolled through nave and angel choir,
    Whose builder knew what lines inspire,
    And filled the lantern?s space profound
    With climbing waves of glorious sound,
As I went up the minster tower
What time the chimes gave forth the hour.

When I stood on the minster tower
The lark above me sent a shower
    Of happy notes, that filtered through
    The clouds that flecked the sky?s soft blue,
    And mingled with the nearer tones
    Of jackdaws? calls and stockdoves? moans,
    While every breeze that round me swirled
    Brought some sweet murmur from the world,
As I stood on the minster tower
What time the lark forsook her bower.

When I came down the minster tower,
Again the chimes proclaimed the hour,
    Again the mighty organ rolled
    Its thunders through the arches old,
    While blended with its note so strong
    Soft rose and fell the evensong,
    And all the earth, it seemed to me,
    Was still by music held in fee,
As I came down the minster tower
What time the clock slow chimed the hour.
Oscar Fay Adams [1855-1919]